2008 - 2009 Executive Council

Jeanne E. Helton, Chair

Troy A. Kishbaugh, Chair-elect

Cynthia A. Mikos, Secretary

Lester J. Perling, Treasurer

Terry L. Hill, Director of Programs

Carl B. Schwait, Board liaison

Laurie J. Levin, Immediate Past Chair

Mildred  Beam, Member

Walter R. Carfora, Member

Charmaine T.M. Chiu, Member

William P. Dillon, Member

Lewis W. Fishman, Member

Sandra P. Greenblatt, Member

Allen R. Grossman, Member

Bernabe A. Icaza, Member

George F. Indest III, Member

Rodney M. Johnson, Member

Jodi L. Laurence, Member

Cynthia A. Mikos, Member

Monica L. Rodriguez, Member

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