Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Health Law Section’s website. It is my honor to serve as Chair of the Section for the upcoming term. Our goal for the year can best be summed up by a simple statement – to permanently improve the value of the Section to our members.

Wilson J.Everett JEWIL HiResHeadshot USE THIS ONEJ. Everett Wilson, ChairWe are fortunate in that a strong foundation has already been laid by prior leadership and all those members of the Section who have volunteered their time to further the Section’s initiatives and programs. We are thankful for their efforts and the lasting impact they have made upon the Section. More importantly, though, they have set an example for our more recent members on what can be accomplished when diversely minded individuals with different skillsets are able to rally around issues of common interest to our collective membership. As we see newer members continuing to volunteer their time, I recognize that this is their true legacy.

In addressing how we will go about accomplishing our goal of improving value, allow me to summarize our current state of affairs. We are an “industry” focused Section comprised of practitioners of all types – regulatory, litigation, corporate, criminal, administrative, employment, tax, etc. The common denominator is that we service clients in the health care or health care insurance industry or are otherwise impacted by the same – an industry which represents almost 20% of the U.S. economy and employs one in every 8 individuals in the U.S. It is an industry comprised of many sectors and, thus, our respective clients and the matters we assist them with are varied in type, size, and complexity.

Our clients [and we by extension], in turn, also share something in common. They operate in a highly regulated environment – which regulations impact almost every facet of their professions and businesses. More importantly, though, those government regulations and initiatives actually drive our clients’ business models and are the cause of not just constant change, but opportunity. Further compounding the effect of new regulations, is that health care is ever changing. The evolution of technology, biological advances, and even changes in societal norms, far outpace the passage of laws and regulations. Thus, we are sometimes called upon to advise clients on scenarios for which existing laws provide inadequate guidance.

What all of this means is that in order for the Section to improve value for its members, it must go beyond its position of being the go-to source in Florida for CLE in health care law. The modern health care lawyer and our other members require more from their Section.

That being said, the Section will continue to offer first rate educational programs, but with a renewed and deliberate intent towards incorporating the latest trends in LAW and INDUSTRY. Further, the Section will strive to make our programs more accessible to all of our members – both through geographic diversity of our in-person events and through technology and other media.

This term, the Section will also focus on professional and practice development for the benefit of our members. This will be accomplished through more local and state-wide networking events and other opportunities for engagement amongst Section members. This includes taking affirmative steps towards the creation of a communication platform for the exchange of thoughts, information, and business opportunities. Because of the diversity of our varying practices, we will likely learn more from each other than from any CLE event we may attend. That same diversity of practices also creates an environment for the exchange of opportunities and for business development and referrals amongst our members.

Further, since the value of a group may also be measured by what the group can accomplish collectively versus individually, you can look to the Section to take a more active role on issues that impact us collectively, particularly where the Section may be in the best position to advance those interests. In that regard, the Section will continue to monitor legislative issues. However, we encourage all of our members to engage with the Section so as to keep the rest of the Section’s members informed as to other legal and industry issues as they encounter them.

The point cannot be stressed enough, though, that we need and are actively seeking the involvement of all of our members to advance these value enhancing initiatives. Thus, I encourage all of our members to keep abreast of our emails, website, and to follow our new LinkedIn page and to participate and engage with the Section and its other members. I would also encourage all members to please feel free to reach out to me or Emily Young, the Section’s program administrator, with any suggestions or other input on how the Section can best serve you.

I can be reached at Emily may be reached at

We are looking forward to a great year.


J. Everett Wilson

Chair, Health Law Section

Polsinelli PC (Polsinelli LLP in California)
Office Managing Partner – Miami
Shareholder, Healthcare Practice Group

The Florida Bar
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone #: 850-561-5650
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