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Photograph of Steven Grigas, Health Law Section ChairOn behalf of the Executive Council, I would like to welcome you to the Health Law Section of The Florida Bar. I am honored to have been elected Chair of the Section and look forward to working with the Executive Council and the Section membership this next year.

The Health Law Section is over 1800 members strong and focuses on the many varied and complex legal issues that impact health care in our state and nation. From Abortion to Zika virus, our section attorneys have helped to shape policy in both the public and private sector. As today's health care issues grow in number and complexity, the need for knowledgeable and experienced health care attorneys has never been greater.

Membership and participation in the Health Law Section is an ideal opportunity for both seasoned attorneys and those newly admitted to the Bar to gain a better understanding of health law, refine practice skills, and develop significant working relationships with other health care attorneys and professionals.

As a member of the Section, you will be given full access to the Section’s wide-ranging continuing legal education (“CLE”) programs and news materials. The Section hosts several in-person CLE seminars during the year, covering topics ranging from health law fundamentals to the most recent developments in fraud and abuse, compliance, risk management, and representation of licensed practitioners. The Section also hosts a series of monthly audio webcast CLE programs, allowing health care attorneys and other professionals to keep abreast of the law from the convenience of their own offices. Additionally, the Section offers members electronic quarterly newsletters and monthly health law updates containing practice related articles.

Over the last several years, the Section has reached out to younger lawyers who practice, or have interest in, health law. We intend to continue this effort, but will also be reaching out to the more established attorneys in health care who are no longer participating with the Section, or who have never pursued an active membership with it. We hope to invigorate our core membership, young and old, and expand the numbers of attorneys that actively participate with the Section through meetings and social events held in various locations across the State. We also seek to establish a mentoring program whereby experienced health lawyers can help younger lawyers navigate the complex web of regulations, agencies, and case law that governs this practice.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the current members of the Section and Executive Council who have helped me over the years, and on whom I will rely heavily upon over the course of my service as Chair. I also invite those of you who are not yet members to join the Section and discover the many benefits and rewards it offers.

I look forward to serving you during my 2016-2017 term. 

Steven Grigas

Health Law Section Chair

Membership Information

Organized 1988

The Health Law Section of The Florida Bar’s goal is to provide a forum for communication and education leading to the improvement and development of the field of health law. Another goal is serving the bar and the public generally in interpreting and carrying out the professional needs and objectives in the area of health law. Health law is the practice of law involving federal, state or local law and rules or regulations regarding the delivery of health care services. In addition to health care provider issues and regulations of providers, health law includes legal issues regarding relationships between and among providers and payors. 

Membership Information

$30 for a member
$50 for an affiliate member 
$25 for a law student

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Getting Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the Health Law Section, please contact  Willie Mae Shepherd or join us at the next Executive Council Meeting

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You can help make our website more effective by sending us pertinent information of interest to the Florida health law community and by letting us know about valuable links to health law resources. Send your information and selections to the Program Administrator and we'll post them as soon as we can.

About the Section

Established in 1988-1989 as a Section of The Florida Bar, the Section currently has approximately 1,100 members.

Goals of the Health Law Section include providing an organization within The Florida Bar open to members of The Florida Bar and others with an interest in health law and to provide a forum for communication and education leading to the improvement and development of the field of health law. Another goal is serving the bar and the public generally in interpreting and carrying out the professional needs and objectives in the area of health law.

To join the Health Law Section, submit an application for regular membership or an application for affiliate membership.

The Section is organized into Divisions and Standing Committees and is governed by an Executive Council.

Membership is open to any member of The Florida Bar in good standing and interested in the purposes of the Section. Affiliate membership is open to those who practice a profession dealing with healthcare such as physicians, nurses, administrators and allied health practitioners.

This Web Site was created in June of 1998 to provide up-to-date content to its members. It is through this Web Site that the Section hopes to provide content such as Section and committee meeting agendas, minutes and schedules; membership information; committee directories; input forms for use by members; CLE schedules; Section publications to include excerpts from its Newsletter; news about the Section and The Florida Bar; court and administrative hearing cases of interest; rule development information and Internet links for members.

Goals and objectives of the Health Law Section, adopted June 23, 1995, are as follows:

  1. Be recognized as an effective Section that adds value to the ability to The Florida Bar to achieve its objectives, and grow as a respected Section of The Florida Bar. To accomplish these goals and objectives, the Section provides non-partisan technical assistance to the judiciary, legislature and regulatory agencies on a timely basis.
  2. Establish a larger and more active membership. To achieve these goals, the Section strives to increase the number of members by 5% annually. It also develops, promotes and encourages social functions that enable networking among members.
  3. Serve as an effective information resource for members and the public. In these areas, the Section provides regular information to the public/Bar membership on health law issues; provides high quality innovative CLE programs and materials through various media to all levels of Section membership; increases dissemination of information regarding judicial, legislative and regulatory issues; provides a high quality, regular publication to members which includes articles or columns from each substantive division of the Section; motivates members to contribute articles for publication in the Section Newsletter, The Florida Bar Journal and this Web Site. The April, 1998, issue of The Florida Bar Journal contained articles about health law, many of which were written by Section members.

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