About The Health Law Section of The Florida Bar

The Health Law Section of The Florida Bar is devoted to supporting health law practitioners throughout the state. The Section provides a means to communicate with and educate others to further improve health law practice. The Health Law Section also assists the general public and The Florida Bar by handling the professional needs and goals in the field of health law. Activities of the Section include case-law updates, providing easy access to health lawyers’ client alerts and newsletters, recording the numerous county and local health law association meetings throughout the state, and publishing CLE papers and other informational documents. The Section is organized into Divisions and Standing Committees and is governed by an Executive Council. Joining the Health Law Section requires submitting an application for regular membership or an application for affiliate membership. If you have ideas for ways to get even more value out of your Section membership, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Health Law Council.

What is Health Law?

Health law is a diverse field that involves federal, state or local rules and regulations regarding the delivery of health care services, the development of drugs and devices, and oversight of products like food, cosmetics, or supplements. This area of law includes managing relationships between physicians, hospitals, patients, the biopharma industry, and beyond.