• Brian K. Wright of Gunster Yoakley and Stewart in Tampa writes on changes to IRS Code Section 501(r).

  • Timothy M. Moore of Shook, Hardy and Bacon in Miami explains the All Children’s Health Qui Tam case.

  • Autumn B. Matthews of Matthews Law Firm in Bartow highlights enforcement topics for nursing homes.

  • David W. Hughes of Hill Ward Henderson in Tampa discusses the split among the circuit courts of appeals regarding hospital liability and non-delegable duties for independent contractor physicians.

  • Myla Reizen of Jones, Walker, Waichter, Roitevent, Carriere & Denegre in Miami explains what’s new in this year’s OIG Work Plan.

  • Fabienne Fahnestock of Gunster Yoakley & Stewart in Ft. Lauderdale addresses a provider’s repayment and self disclosure obligations to CMS.

  • Doug Wojcieszak, Bruce Blitman, James Saxton and Maggie Finkelstein explain why “sorry” works in medical malpractice cases.  Blitman is a certified mediator with the Law Office of Bruce Blitman in Pembroke Pines.  Saxton and Finkelstein are with the Stevens & Lee firm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Wojcieszak is the founder of the “Sorry Works!” coalition.